How To Start A Trampoline Park

How To Start A Trampoline Park

Are you considering opening an indoor trampoline park for your business? As we know, the indoor playground industry is growing, and trampoline parks are no exception. However, not every business in this sector will stand the test of time.

In this article, we will guide you on how to build an indoor trampoline park. This article covers everything from trampoline park design tips to equipment costs and funding. We’ll also explore trends and exciting ideas for enhancing your trampoline park. Building a trampoline park requires a passion for fun and a drive to succeed, as well as solid business knowledge and financial investment. 

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Why Consider Opening A Trampoline Park?

The indoor trampoline park industry has skyrocketed over the past decade, much like a high-flying jump through the air. Both kids and adults love bouncing around and playing games on trampolines, and they are willing to pay for the experience. Trampolining is not only fun but also an excellent way to stay fit. According to NASA research, 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline provides a more efficient cardiovascular workout than over 30 minutes of running.

Additionally, trampoline parks have high-profit margins, with industry standards suggesting an average margin of 15-25%. They are also great family-friendly venues, offering a unique and exciting entertainment experience that appeals to a wide range of people, from children to teenagers to adults. This versatility attracts a steady stream of guests year-round.

Building a Trampoline Park Costs

The initial cost to build an indoor trampoline park typically ranges from $100,000 to $200,000, depending on the size of your space. According to the International Association of Trampoline Parks, business owners need a building with a minimum of 18,000 square feet and a ceiling height of at least 17 feet, measured from the floor to the lowest obstruction. Equipment costs typically include the following:

  • Trampoline Flooring: You can purchase units by the square foot, or you can buy a pre-built trampoline park that includes trampoline floors and equipped jump trampolines.
  • Basketball Hoops: You can according to your demands buy a certain number of basketball hoops, which can take the unique experience in your trampoline park.
  • Trampoline Socks: Trampoline socks are used with trampoline items, they can make players enjoy the fun of trampoline better.
  • Other Play Equipment: A trampoline park with just jump trampolines is not enough. You should add popular indoor playground equipment such as ball pits, slides, and obstacle courses. If you’re unsure which popular equipment to choose, please click here for more information.

    Step-By-Step Guide To Starting A Trampoline Park

    Step 1: Business Plan

    A business plan is the foundation of any successful trampoline park venture. It’s more than just a document; it’s a roadmap that guides your journey from inception to completion. 

    In short, you need to conduct a market analysis and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors' products to highlight the uniqueness of your trampoline park. In addition, marketing techniques are also of utmost importance. Please determine your marketing and sales strategies before starting the project.

    Step 2: Location

    Choosing the perfect location for your trampoline park is crucial. Consider the following key factors to ensure your trampoline park attracts sufficient foot traffic:

    • Foot traffic analysis: Analyze potential areas by age group, income level and population density to match your target audience.
    • Surrounding environment: Choose areas with high traffic, such as shopping malls or neighbourhoods suitable for family living, or near restaurants or movie theatres.
    • Growth potential: Consider the area’s potential for growth and development in the coming years to ensure that it is worth investing in.
    • Parking facilities: Provide sufficient parking spaces to accommodate peak hours and large customer traffic, improving convenience for customers.

    Step 3: Custom Design Your Trampoline Park

    Custom unique trampoline parks remain a vital topic. If you want to create a fantastic and safe environment, consider factors such as:

    • Theme: Set a core theme or atmosphere for your trampoline park. Common ones include city adventure, space escape, jungle adventure, etc.
    • Layout: Reasonable planning of the play layout ensures that tourists can quickly find the rest area and entrance and exit when they are tired of playing.
    • Amusement Rides: Purchase different recreational equipment for your trampoline park, such as dodgeball, basketball, and obstacle course, and combine them with trampolines to make it more exciting.
    • Interactive Attractions: Incorporate interactive elements like foam pits, climbing walls, and obstacle courses that enhance the park’s appeal and encourage diverse experiences.
    • Safety: Integrate safety measures into the design, placing padding, netting, and safety barriers around trampolines to mitigate potential risks.

    Step 4: Ensure Equipment Security

    When launching a trampoline park, one of the most important tasks is getting the highest-quality equipment; ensuring safety, longevity, and a top-tier customer experience. 

    Begin by conducting rigorous market research to identify leading suppliers in the trampoline and indoor amusement industry. Establishing strong relationships with these suppliers is key; initiate discussions to understand their product offerings, warranty terms, and post-purchase support. Always prioritise safety; vet equipment for compliance with industry standards and ensure they meet rigorous safety benchmarks. Ask for references, and if possible, visit other parks that utilise the same equipment to gauge its performance and durability. 

    Lastly, keep an open line of communication with your suppliers, as a collaborative approach can lead to tailored solutions, timely deliveries, and potential discounts for bulk or repeat purchases.

    Step 5: Marketing and Promotion

    As construction of a trampoline park nears completion, it becomes essential to develop a strong marketing strategy that emphasizes the unique experience the park offers, as well as working with local schools, community centers and businesses to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

    Remember, a well-executed marketing campaign not only fills your park with eager guests on opening day but also establishes a strong foundation for sustained customer engagement and repeat visits.

    Ball Pit and Airbags

    Foam pits and air bags are popular facilities in trampoline parks, providing users with a unique and exciting experience. In order to minimize the risks of these devices, it is recommended to set up one-way entry and exit to prevent visitors from crossing each other and causing injuries.

    Ball Pit and Airbags

    High-Performance Area (HP Area)

    High-performance trampolines are designed for advanced jumping, which means that not every jumper is allowed to access them without professional supervision.

    HP areas must be painted a different colour to the rest of the trampoline park to ensure clear visual distinction, and because HP trampolines are so bouncy they carry a higher risk of injury and therefore require special safety measures and supervision.

    Make Your Trampoline Park Even Better With NinescapeLand

    As you can see, starting a trampoline park business is no easy feat, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition because if you have plans to open an indoor trampoline park or upgrade an existing one in the near future, then you need to determine what will make visitors choose your trampoline park over other parks and how you can provide a unique experience to visitors?

    NinescapeLand offers innovative and unconventional indoor rides to build you an unforgettable indoor trampoline park, such as indoor obstacle course, rope bridge, zip line, volcano climbing, ninja warrior course, etc.

    If you don't find the product you need on the NinescapeLand website, please don't be discouraged. We provide customized options. The equipment displayed on the website are all regular models. You can contact us by email or form. We will produce high-quality amusement equipment for you and have professional after-sales staff to install it for you.

    If you need a free quote, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide a custom solution for you, including but not limited to an indoor playground park, indoor trampoline park, adventure park, and more.

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