NinescapeLand playground equipment is constructed from top-grade materials and specifications to meet or surpass all relevant safety standards. We adhere strictly to both local and international safety regulations, subjecting all products to rigorous testing and certification. Utilizing eco-friendly materials, we maintain continuous quality control to ensure each product meets the highest safety requirements. Attention to detail ensures an enhanced play experience and a long product lifespan!

Why is it important to choose quality amusement rides?

Selecting quality amusement rides is paramount as they ensure safety, reliability, customer satisfaction, and reputation. High-grade amusement rides adhere to stringent standards, reducing accidents, minimizing downtime, enhancing the visitor experience, and boosting the venue's reputation.

At first glance, playground equipment from various manufacturers may appear similar. However, upon closer inspection, the differences in quality become evident. Here are some examples that highlight the disparities between NinescapeLand playgrounds and those of lower-quality companies.

What Sets Us Apart In Terms of Quality?


    NinescapeLand utilizes steel pipes ranging from 2.0-3.0mm in thickness, with anti-rust diameter of 48mm. The entire steel pipe is hot-dip galvanized to prevent rusting (additional 4-7 pipes provided as spares). All steel bend pipe must be test before packing.


    NinescapeLand's connectors are made from top-grade rust-resistant steel and are crafted using a proprietary mold that ensures a secure connection to the pipe while preventing rust. You can test the quality of the clamp with a heavy hammer.


    NinescapeLand's indoor playground floors consist of 20mm thick wood, topped with 50mm foam that meets ISO45001 standards. The platforms are fully enveloped in EPE foam and sponge, then covered with PVC tarpaulin, ensuring softness and safety.


    Not all sponge columns are durable and fire-resistant. Our sponge columns feature high-density EPE material wrapped in glossy PVC vinyl. The UV-resistant PVC vinyl ensures durability and strength, making it suitable for both indoor & outdoor playgrounds.

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    This is ideal for heavy-duty slides. NinescapeLand provides a lightweight yet robust solution. Its corrosion-resistant properties and ability to be shaped into various forms enhance both safety and aesthetic appeal in playground design.

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    The woven platform must surround the pipe (except under bridges where children do not walk, assembled by rebar and metal rings). Note: Chain bridges, cable bridges, and other large-hole bridges require an additional woven platform underneath.

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2. Quality Difference In Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park

Galvanized steel frames with powder coating

NinescapeLand's playground trampoline frames are constructed from 80mm x 80mm tubes with a 4mm thickness. Utilizing Dutch Akzo powder and sandblasting technology, our colors are more durable, have greater adhesive force, and enhance safety during play. NinescapeLand offers powder coating machines with a variety of colors to choose from.

Trampoline Park


Trampoline park springs are essential components that provide the bounce and elasticity to trampoline surfaces, allowing users to enjoy a thrilling jumping experience. These springs are meticulously designed and engineered to withstand repeated use and ensure optimal performance and safety. NinescapeLand playground has powder coating machines for various colors to choose.

Trampoline Park

Trampoline pads

NinescapeLand's trampoline mattress is crafted from 0.55mm thick PVC leather, offering a generous 70mm thickness. Constructed with high-quality materials, these pads are engineered to absorb impact and provide ample cushioning during jumps, effectively reducing the risk of injury, and ensuring safety for users.

3. Quality Difference In Other Equipment

Truss Frame

NinescapeLand truss frames are crafted from high-quality aluminum, providing a lighter alternative to steel trusses with enhanced elasticity and toughness. Opting for steel trusses would be impractical due to their excessive weight, making installation challenging.


NinescapeLand uses coated chains for added safety. Initially, like other suppliers, we used uncoated chains. However, during test installations, we found that children's fingers were at risk of injury. Therefore, we switched to coated chains for improved safety.

Obstacle Connection Ways

For obstacle connections, NinescapeLand employs one obstacle per pipe, our approach ensures a more stable and durable playground equipment structure.

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  • this picture is show commercial indoor playground slides, the trampoline is under the slide.
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