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Soft Playground Equipment

NinescapeLand's soft playground equipment is suitable for all-year kids, there have various equipment for children happy.

Encourage children to explore and enjoy the soft playground equipment while also promoting sharing and cooperation with others.

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NinescapeLand is dedicated to becoming a leading global manufacturer of indoor children's playgrounds and trampoline parks. Through innovative, safe, and high-quality products, we aim to create outstanding and joyful growth experiences for children worldwide. Our vision is to build unique and unforgettable play spaces globally, inspiring limitless imagination and vitality in children. We strive to be the preferred partner for families, communities, and the global amusement park industry. H-Leap Play: Where laughter and growth go hand in hand!

Indoor Playground Equipment


NinescapeLand playground equipment is constructed from top-grade materials and specifications to meet or surpass all relevant safety standards. We adhere strictly to both local and international safety regulations, subjecting all products to rigorous testing and certification.Utilizing eco-friendly materials, we maintain continuous quality control to ensure each product meets the highest safety requirements.


At NinescapeLand, we do more than just sell playgrounds – we empower you to build a thriving business. Professional installation and lifetime maintenance services make NinescapeLand a globally trusted partner.

How about hearing from NinescapeLand customers?

  • Finding NinescapeLand was one of the best things we did this year! We have selected several indoor playground suppliers at first but we finally choose NinescapeLand Playground because of their patient, professional and fast with good service. They listened to our ideas, suggested some attractive parts. Even though we never met before, we trusted them so much!

    ——Indoor playground in Australia
  • We knew we needed a playground that was vibrant, dynamic, and captivating. Immediately impressed by the wide range of indoor play equipment, customizable color options, and responsiveness of the NinescapeLand team. From our initial inquiry to the final installation, NinescapeLand collaborated with us to ensure our satisfaction with the end result!

    —— Indoor Amusement Parks in USA
  • Looks very nice! The children are very happy with the soft playground equipment! The process of working together was smooth and we always got answers to our questions. We are very happy! We will definitely recommend your company and will buy from you when we will be opening second playground!

    —— Preschool in Brazil


Do you provide installation services?

NinescapeLand offers a professional installation service team to ensure accurate product installation and compliance with safety regulations.

Do these playground equipments meet safety standards?

We strictly adhere to local safety standards, ensuring that all equipment undergoes rigorous testing and certification. By utilizing environmentally friendly materials and maintaining continuous quality control, we guarantee that each product meets the highest safety standards

Are custom design services available?

NinescapeLand provides customized design services tailored to meet specific customer needs and space limitations. Our design team collaborates with you to ensure that our products seamlessly integrate into your venue.

What age group of children are NinescapeLand products designed for?

Our playground equipments are suitable for all age group children, toddlers to teenagers.