Starting Indoor Playground Business

Starting Indoor Playground Business

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What Is An Indoor Playground

Overview Of The Indoor Playground Industry Statistics

How to Open An Indoor Playground

Get Indoor Playground Licenses

Indoor Playground Business Plan

Common Challenges Of Running An Indoor Playground

Build Your Indoor Playground Park Now

NinescapeLand FAQ

What is an Indoor Playground

Indoor playground is a recreational facility designed specifically for children or adults to engage in active play and exploration in a controlled indoor environment. Because of customizability and playability have made them popular in the amusement industry.

These playgrounds often feature a variety of play structures and equipment tailored to stimulate physical, cognitive, and social development, they are best for children or teenagers to play. Indoor playgrounds offer a dynamic and engaging space where children can unleash their energy, foster their creativity, and enjoy active play experiences under supervision and within a controlled environment.

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If you're new to the indoor playground park business and feeling unsure about where to begin, this article is your go-to resource. Dive into this comprehensive guide, designed to walk you through every step of starting your indoor playground park business. From initial planning to execution, let's explore the ins and outs of developing a successful indoor playground business plan tailored to your needs.

Overview of the Indoor Playground Industry Statistics

Data shows that the global amusement park market size will be US$353.447 billion in 2022. The global amusement park market size will grow at an average growth rate of 6.14% and reach US$505.227 billion in 2028.

Overview of the Indoor Playground Industry Statistics

Moreover, parents realize the importance of physical activity in childhood. According to the American Heart Association, obesity is the number one concern of parents today. The indoor playground park serves as a vibrant hub for promoting physical activity among children. Engaged in laughter and play, kids are naturally inclined to burn calories and maintain fitness levels. Additionally, regular play not only aids in stress relief but also fosters social connections and enhances cognitive development—an essential aspect of children's growth.

How to Open an Indoor Playground

If you're considering launching an indoor playground business or amusement park, NinescapeLand stands out as the optimal choice. With a proven track record of assisting over 1000 investors in establishing commercial indoor playgrounds, and offering indoor amusement rides across 75 countries, NinescapeLand is your premier partner for success in this industry.

NinescapeLand will guide you through each step of the process to help you understand how to open an indoor playground for your business and determine your necessary expenses, follow NinescapeLand to learn more.

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Get Indoor playground licenses

To open an indoor playground, you'll need several licenses, in addition to complying with tax laws and regulations. These licenses ensure legal operation and safety standards are met.

  • Company Registration: Your company has to be registered as a legal entity before you can open your indoor playground. A small business is usually registered as an LLC while larger businesses and franchises are usually C Corps. 
  • Employee Identification Number (EIN): All businesses are issued an EIN from the IRS after they register.
  • Certificate of Occupancy (CO): Once you have acquired the space for your indoor playground, you will need to ensure it passes inspection and receives a CO from your local government.‍
  • Doing Business As (DBA). A DBA license allows you to use a different name than the one you registered as your LLC. Sometimes businesses choose to do this to include more information in their public name. For example, their LLC can be “Play Gym LLC” and their DBA name can be “Play Gym & Cafe.”

Indoor Playground Business Plan

1. Find A Location

Select locations with high foot traffic, accessible transportation, and a dense population of children to ensure an ample audience for your indoor playground. Ideal venues include family entertainment centers, shopping malls, childcare facilities, restaurants, community centers, churches, and fitness centers. Additionally, consider the associated costs of securing your venue.

2. Ensure Your Target Customer

Indoor playgrounds offer varying levels of difficulty tailored to different age groups, prompting the question: Who is your target audience? Are you catering to smaller toddlers or adventurous kids seeking new challenges? Identifying your audience is crucial as it influences the type of equipment and layout required for your indoor playground.

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3. Planning Budget

Amusement ride costs typically range from $50,000 to $120,000, influenced by various factors such as site expenses, equipment prices, transportation fees, installation charges, insurance premiums, operational expenditures, and labor costs. Notably, NinescapeLand offers complimentary installation services, providing substantial cost savings for your project.

4. Design Your Indoor Playground

This must begin after you have determined your exact venue. Send your site dimensions to the designer, who will plan the appropriate interior layout based on your actual site size. The design process involves choosing the overall style and theme of the indoor playground and selecting the right indoor playground attractions,  materials used, and placement. You need to be involved in the design process so that the designer can better design the best solution according to your wishes.

5. Buy Indoor Amusement Rides

Indoor playgrounds commonly feature equipment designed to engage children's natural play instincts. Here are some popular indoor amusement rides found in these spaces:

Indoor Play Structures
Play Structures: These are the cornerstone of indoor playgrounds, typically comprising frames with steps, tunnels, soft obstacles, and more. They offer ample space for creativity, with countless customization options to suit your specific needs and space constraints.
Slides: Renowned as one of the most exhilarating features of indoor playgrounds, slides offer endless fun and excitement for children. Whether they're spiraling down a twisting tube slide or racing down a straight chute, kids are sure to delight in the thrill of the slide. What's more, slides can be customized to integrate with the overall theme of the indoor playground seamlessly.
Ball Pit: A beloved feature of indoor playgrounds, the ball pit is a captivating attraction filled with a plethora of colorful plastic balls. Often paired with a slide or other interactive elements, the ball pit becomes an even more exciting and engaging experience, encouraging children to climb, slide, and immerse themselves in endless fun.
Climbing Structure: Curious children find it hard to resist the thrill of climbing. Children's coordination abilities can be greatly improved by using this attraction.
Soft Play Area: A play area more suitable for younger children. The facilities included are soft obstacles. Children can burrow around in a castle made of soft blocks.
Here are some common amusement equipment options for your playground. However, if you're looking to incorporate unique attractions like a ninja space, spider wall, inflatable bumper balls, battle stick, and more, don't hesitate to reach out to NinescapeLand for further details and quotes. We're here to help you create an unforgettable indoor playground experience.

6. Installation of Indoor Play Amusement

After kickstarting your indoor playground business plan, finding a dependable supplier is crucial. NinescapeLand offers two installation options: 

  1. We provide 3D drawings and mark the equipment so you can install it yourself.
  2. Our professional installation team can assist you.

Choose the option that best suits your needs and requirements.

7. Recruiting Employees

An indoor playground can't afford to be without employees. Their jobs include charging at the entrance, instructing children alongside certain programs, cleaning and inspecting the indoor park regularly, and so on.

8. Brand Promotion

Everything is in place, but don't forget that you still need to market your indoor playground, customers won't automatically come just because you're sitting at home. Your indoor playground needs to be attractive and well-known enough to attract a steady stream of visitors. 

Common challenges of running an indoor playground

NinescapeLand works with children's activity business owners every day to make starting and operating an indoor playground easier. We’ve outlined some of the common challenges of running an indoor playground or play space and how to address them to help you get moving.

How to Ensure Your Indoor Playground’s Safety?

Your indoor playground business plan should take safety into account while designing. After all, your customers are children, and children are more likely to get hurt during play than adults with self-control. So you need:

  1. Post safety tips and precautions in the park
  2. Arrange staff to maintain order and ensure the safety of children
  3. Routine inspection
  4. Install the equipment under professional guidance
  5. Emergency Preparedness
  6. Ensure the use of age-appropriate equipment
  7. Exit and entrance instructions
  8. Buy amusement equipment that meets standards

Ways to Maintain Your Playground

  1. Examine all play equipment frequently for indications of corrosion, deterioration, or loose parts.
  2. Sanitize the indoor environment, play equipment, and toys regularly to maintain environmental hygiene. Deep clean play equipment that tends to harbor dirt, especially items such as ball pits, tunnels, and crawl spaces.
  3. Repair and replace broken parts to avoid safety problems due to damaged parts
  4. Look out for edges of any equipment to avoid injury.
  5. Keep the humidity and temperature in your indoor playground at ideal levels.
  6. Record every cleaning and repair for easy verification later.

Build Your Indoor Playground Park Now

After reading this comprehensive guide, you should already have an idea of how to start your indoor playground business plan. Key steps include selecting a suitable location, defining your target audience, outlining a budget, designing the layout and procuring equipment, overseeing installation, hiring staff, and implementing effective marketing strategies to promote your indoor playground.

Still searching for a professional playground supplier? Look no further! Contact us today and experience our personalized, one-on-one service that will transform your indoor park dream into reality. At NinescapeLand, we're dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of services, from consulting and design to production and installation. With meticulous market research, expertly planned indoor layouts, and carefully selected play equipment, we'll help you refine your indoor playground business plan and become your trusted partner every step of the way.

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NinescapeLand FAQ

  • What are the features and innovations of NinescapeLand's products?

NinescapeLand's products emphasize innovative design and safety, manufactured using high-quality materials. Our children's playgrounds and trampoline parks combine educational elements with entertainment, aiming to stimulate children's imagination and physical abilities.

  • Does NinescapeLand provide customized design services?

We offer customized design services to meet specific customer needs and space limitations. Our design team collaborates with you to ensure our products perfectly fit your venue.

  • What age group of children are NinescapeLand products suitable for?

Our products are suitable for children of all age groups, from toddlers to teenagers. Different product series and designs consider the interests and abilities of children in different age groups to provide a comprehensive entertainment experience.

  • Does NinescapeLand offer international delivery and services?

We can provide international delivery and services. We have a global network of partners and service teams to ensure timely and professional support for customers worldwide. Product leading time is 15-30 days depend on design.

  • Does NinescapeLand participate in social responsibility projects?

We actively participate in social responsibility projects, focusing on children's education and welfare. We strive to promote sustainable development practices and give back to society through a series of activities, aiming to create a better future.

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