Collection: Indoor Playground

Commercial Indoor Playground

Children's indoor playgrounds are NinescapeLand's main product. Each playground has unique features and functions. The amusement rides are made of hot-dip galvanized pipes and combined with soft play equipment, such as soft play barrels, ball pits, climbing walls, trampolines, slides, and more. We will design a unique indoor playground based on your business drawings. You can install it yourself with the help of our provided 3D drawings.

When children enter a themed indoor playground, they feel like they are in a new world. You can customize the playground according to your preferences, choosing from themes such as an enchanted forest, tech universe, or modern playground. Surrounded by a colorful environment, whether it's a maze, foam pit, exciting slide, or strange amusement rides, their curiosity and desire to explore will be greatly satisfied. Additionally, their cognitive, judgment, and problem-solving abilities will be fully developed and enhanced.

NinescapeLand is one of the top commercial indoor playground providers in the world, helping over 200 countries build indoor jungle equipment. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for a custom solution.